What is GoaCoin?

Super Fast Transactions

Instant payments and quick confirmation. Much faster than Bitcoin. Your payments will be processed anywhere in the world at any time, as quickly as possible. The speed of payment, which is the distinctive advantage of a GoaCoin. All transactions are stored in a unit of cost and can be accessed by any user at any time.

Security & Anonymous

With the built-in encryption of the wallet, you can safely store your GoaCoin on your equipment or even print your own paper wallet. You can also have an online wallet, having access through the Internet. Transactions are completely anonymous using darksend.

Growing Community

GoaCoin has a growing and friendly community. The main team will be based in Goa. We have many plans and developments for the introduction of the coin into real life. We are open for cooperation and everyone can participate and contribute to the improvement of the dissemination GoaCoin.

Download Wallets/Source

Choose your OS and download the wallet to get started with GoaCoin today.

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